Boycott “The Body Shop” store chain

Below is an alert regarding The Body Shop, the beauty store chain, which is rewarding four organizations, including one that is a proponent to the “Arab right of return” to Israel.

Click here to see for yourself: and scroll down to the heading “From Israel”.

The organization receiving the award, The National Committee for the Rights of the Internally Displaced Palestinians in Israel, has a website which spews propaganda, and conveniently neglects to mention the history of the “displacement” which was directly caused, initiated, and promoted by Arabs in a war started by Arabs, in 1948 against the re-born Israeli nation. The Arab leaders urged other Arabs to leave the region – and it was only a region – there was never a country named Palestine in spite of what you may have heard – so they themselves could roll the tanks in and crush the Jewish enemy. Of course, the Arabs lost their war that they initiated and Jews remained in their homeland – much to the embarassment of the arab enemies surrounding her. Neither is there a mention on the racist website of the 650,000 Jews thrown out of Arab lands and displaced since 1948, nor is there any mention that “right of return” is a codeword for flooding the Israeli state with Arab terrorists from all over the world with the singular intention of destroying it.

Please join the boycott of The Body Shop and write a letter of protest to and

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