Book: Jihad and Jew-Hatred: Islamism, Nazism, and the Roots of 9/11

Nothing that Islamists do is original. Their idea to send two planes as missiles into the World Trade Towers came from their mentor and idol, the genocidal and maniacal Adolph Hitler. Martin Rubin reviews JIHAD AND JEW-HATRED: ISLAMISM, NAZISM AND THE ROOTS OF 9/11 by Matthias Kuntzel. An excerpt:

This brief but important book begins with an all too familiar image: “[T]he skyscrapers turning into huge burning torches and falling hither and thither, and the reflection of the disintegrating city in the dark sky.” The skyscrapers are Manhattan’s, but it is not September 11, 2001. Adolf Hitler is salivating over his plan to use suicide bombers to attack the United States, as reported by Albert Speer, who confided to his diaries that:

“In the latter stages of the war, I never saw Hitler so beside himself as when, as if in a delirium, he was picturing to himself and to us the downfall of New York in towers of flame.”

As German historian Matthias Kuntzel tells us, the fuhrer was planning such an attack:

“Not only Hitler’s fantasy but also his plan for realising it, recall what happened in 2001: the idea was for Kamikaze pilots to fly explosive-crammed light aircarft lacking landing gear into the Manhattan skyscrapers.

“The drawings for the Daimler-Benz “Amerikabomber” from spring 1944 actually exist . . . The rapture into which Hitler was plunged by the thought of Manhattan in flames indicates the motive behind this fantasy. Hitler did not merely wish to fight a military adversary. He wanted to kill Jews to liberate mankind.”

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