Blood libel: PA Ministry of Health: Israel uses shells with radiation and toxins that shred bodies

More typical Arab propaganda from the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Health:

Israel Uses Shells with Radiation and Toxins that Shred Bodies: MOH Report

The Ministry of Health revealed on Monday that Israel has started recently using shells containing radioactive and poisonous chemicals that were never seen before, due to the decimation it causes to bodies that leaves little chance for the injured to heal.

The Ministry pointed out, in a special report, that according to medics and surgeons in different hospitals throughout the Gaza Strip, that all the injuries caused by the Israeli war machine during its offensive in Gaza, which amounted to 249, were mostly caused by a new form of shrapnel that lead either to full amputation of limbs or a complete burn of exposed flesh.

MOH called on the international community and human rights group s to send a medical team in order to examine the injured and ascertain the presence of toxic material left by Israeli shells. The Ministry also demanded international organizations exert pressure on Israel to stop using these banned weapons against unarmed civilians in their homes and congregations.

The report explained that six Palestinians arrived the hospital shredded into parts, while 37 others were killed by shrapnel of shells and missiles.

Among those killed were two handicapped – a mute and a mentally-retarded citizen.

The Ministry made clear that most of the injuries that arrived to hospitals have undergone surgeries to treat limb amputations and severe burns, as the shrapnel, though causing only small entry holes, spread through the body of the victim and cause burns and lacerations in internal organs such as spleen and intestines.

Furthermore, the report confirmed that the injured Palestinians whose limbs were amputated due to their severe condition will suffer negative impact in the future, caused mainly by the radioactive and toxic material used in the Israeli projectiles.

A surgeon in one of Gaza’s hospitals mentioned in the report that shrapnel appear in the bodies like sand spread throughout the body of the victims, leaving small entry holes, but making a large exit hole accompanied by massive destruction of bones, tissues, liver and intestines.

The surgeon also added that injured Palestinians arrived at hospitals with amputated limbs and signs of severe burns, indicating that Israel is using lethal and banned weapons in its warplanes and tanks.

He revealed that medical staffs in hospitals stated that they are facing a new kind of injuries that confirm the ferocity of the Israeli offensive on the Palestinian people, noting that many victims need to be hospitalized for many days because of their need for rehabilitation and special attention due to the severe infections and blood poisoning caused by the direct hits.

The surgeon asserted that ten injured citizens are still in intensive care units, as their conditions were described as very critical and are still in a life-or-death situation.

The Ministry concluded that the amount and type of injuries caused by the Israeli attack indicate the intensity of the Israeli offensive, as 66 percent of the injured who arrived to hospitals were injured by missile and shell shrapnel.

Pretty good stuff considering “palestine” is not a real nation and has always been a manufactured entity. Therefore it is no surprise that the frauds and occupiers of Jewish land manufacture propaganda to perpetuate the mythology of their “victimhood”. I see no reason whatsoever that “palestinians” should profit from the excercise of their progaganda machines, whether it is blackmail money or welfare money. Besides “palestinians” are just Arabs. There is no disctinct palestinian language or palestinian currency. The facts are simply these: Arabs chose war. Arabs suffer the consequences. Israel and the rest of the civilized world do not need to join Arabs in their suffering for choosing war and murdering innocent Jews because they were too stupid to accept a state in 1948. Besides, it is not citizenship or a nation that Arabs want, but a reactionary vision that would erase Israel from the map. I know I don’t speak for myself when I merely ask for Mohammedans to evolve already. It’s only been 1,400 years.

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