Blaming Israel for the Iraq War

Folks, I have had two experiences wherein I heard two people blame Israel for the Iraq war. One epsiode was with someone I work with; the other was Ron Kuby, the liberal and allegedly misguided “Jewish” lawyer who has a talk show on Talk Radio WABC.

I nailed the guy I work with with the facts; Ron Kuby, on the other hand, is allegedly hopeless and therein, is an alleged detriment to all Jews, to all of Israel, and ultimately, to himself.

Please read this article to arm yourself with facts so that if you, too, are confronted by some radical who thinks that Israel is the reason why we invaded Iraq, you will have all the talking points you need to put to bed the insidious charge that the primary interest of the Bush administration in going to war against Saddam Hussein was to defend Israeli security interests.

Blaming Israel for the Iraq War

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