Blame Hamas for Gaza Suffering

From Blame Hamas for Gaza Suffering:

While news about the suffering of Gazans fills the airwaves, there is a peculiar disinterest in the nightmare that is life for the people of Sderot and its vicinity in Israel. Every day, every few hours, the sirens wail their warning, giving terrified parents and children less than 15 seconds to take cover. The rockets are deliberately aimed at civilians. They fall on schools and streets and day care centers. A recent study shows 56% of Sderot residents have had their home hit by a rocket or shrapnel. More than 90% say their street or an adjacent one has been hit, and almost 50% know someone who was killed in such an attack. Every response by Israel draws international condemnation. Other countries have reacted to attacks against their population by pulverizing their opponents. Israel targeted militant leaders and tried economic sanctions.

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