Blair Urged to Scrap Holocaust Memorial Day as Offensive to Muslims

Well, if this isn’t the most kiss-assed, appeasing gesture on the part of the Brits since Chamberlain made a deal with Hitler, I don’t know what is.

Advisers appointed by Tony Blair after the London bombings are proposing to scrap the Jewish Holocaust Memorial Day because it is regarded as offensive to Muslims. They want to replace it with a Genocide Day that would recognize the murder of Muslims in Palestine, Chechnya, and Bosnia as well as people of other faiths. Holocaust Day was established by Blair in 2001 after a sustained campaign by Jewish leaders to create a lasting memorial to the 6m victims of Hitler. It is marked each year on January 27. The advisers argue that the special status of Holocaust Memorial Day fuels extremists’ sense of alienation because it “excludes” Muslims.

A Home Office spokesman said it would consider the proposals for a separate Genocide Day for all faiths but emphasized that it regarded the Holocaust as a “defining tragedy in European history.”

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