Black September

Disproportionate response, you say? Was it a disproportionate act when Abu Mazen engineered the “Black September” terror attack during the Munich Olympics, which killed 11 Israeli athletes and a U.S. citizen?

Oh, what’s 11 Jews, anyway. But your curiousity is peaked when I say “Black September”.

Black September, you ask? What is Black September?

The Black September Organization (BSO) was a palestinian terror group, founded in 1970. The group’s name came from the conflict known as Black September, which began on September 16, 1970, when King Hussein of Jordan declared military rule in response to an attempt by the fedayeen to seize his kingdom, resulting in the deaths or expulsion from Jordan of thousands of palestinians. The BSO began as a small cell of Fatah men determined to take revenge on King Hussein and the Jordanian army. Recruits from the PFLP, as-Sa’iqa, and other groups also joined.

The BSO is best known for the kidnap and murder of 11 Israeli athletes, and the murder of a German police officer, during the September 1972 attack on the Olympic Village in Munich, Germany, which became known as the Munich massacre.

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