Bill Gates secretly paid for Gaza greenhouses

From Bill Gates Secretly Paid for Gaza Greenhouses:

Microsoft founder Bill Gates largely was responsible for transferring to the Palestinians the high-tech Jewish greenhouses of the Gaza Strip prior to Israel’s evacuation of the area. The greenhouses were stripped and looted by Palestinian gangs. Forbes Magazine stated the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation provided most of the money – $10 million – to purchase the greenhouses.

As WND reported, palestinians have had trouble reproducing the bug-free produce previously generated by the Jewish owners. The palestinian owners reportedly asked the U.S. governmental development group USAID to hire former Jewish Gaza greenhouse owners as consultants for their declining vegetable businesses.

Heh-heh, the palestinians boot out the Jews, then beg them for help. Just knowing the palestinians are humiliated is heart-warming. Knowing that Bill Gates thinks he can save the world from Islamo-faciscm is not – to what other dangerous groups will Bill donate his money?

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