Bill Clinton ‘sex addict’…

We already knew this but if repeating this fact will help Hillary Clinton to lose, count me in. From Daily News, via Drudge Report:

Gerald Ford was disturbed by Bill Clinton’s skirt-chasing ways – and thought he should check into a sex addiction clinic.

A new book on the late 38th President reveals he had strong views about the Clintons: He thought Hillary wore the pants and that Bill couldn’t keep his zipped.

“He’s sick – he’s got an addiction. He needs treatment,” Ford told Daily News Washington Bureau Chief Thomas M. DeFrank, author of “Write It When I’m Gone: Remarkable Off-the-Record Conversations with Gerald R. Ford.”

The Fords first got to know the Clintons in the summer of 1993, when they invited the new First Family to their home in Colorado.

That opinion was based on behavior Ford witnessed the weekend he hosted the Clintons in Colorado. “I’ll tell you one thing: He didn’t miss one good-looking skirt at any of the social occasions,” Ford said later. “He’s got a wandering eye, I’ll tell you that. Betty had the same impression; he isn’t very subtle about his interest.”

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