Beyond Farce: the United Nations’ relentless campaign to undermine the security of Israel

An excerpt from Beyond Farce:

Consider the following:

* Israel receives actionable intelligence concerning a specific shipment of weapons from Iran to Hezbollah near Bekaa Valley. This shipment is in flagrant violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 (August 2006), and also of predecessor resolutions, including Resolution 1559 (2004). It is also a clear breach of the Taif Agreement (1989), which ended Lebanon’s civil war. Finding that neither the 2,000 “peacekeepers” of the old, hapless UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) nor the new Lebanese forces deploying there are willing to interdict the shipment, Israel sends a crack commando unit to do the job. UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan denounces the raid, of course, as a blatant Israeli transgression of the ceasefire resolution.

* France, which supplies the general in command of the old UNIFIL force that allowed Hezbollah to rule over South Lebanon (as we previously documented), now agrees to lead the expanded and robust international force meant to implement 1701. After agreeing t ospearhead the new force, what does President Jacques Chirac deem an appropriate contribution? A laughable contingent of 200 combat engineers who, according to French defense minister Michele Alliot-Marie, will remain in Lebanon for at most six months.

* One nation that has volunteered forces for the new UNIFIL is Malaysia. But Malaysia refuses to recognize the legitimacy of Israel. The Malaysian government has been a major sponsor of Murabitun, an Islamist sect headed by former actor Ian Dallas (a.k.a. Sheikh Abd al-Qadir al-Murabit) and headquartered in a mansion in Scotland. Murabitun celebrates Hitler as a “great genius” one of the foremost jihadists of all times. In 2003 Prime Minister Mohamad distributed copies of Henry Ford’s anti-Semitic classic, The International Jew, to tens of thousands of delegates attending his party’s annual convention. [Even Ford himself ultimately recognized his book was a fraud and apologized to the entire world for it.] This is one of the neutral “peacekeepers” that Israel is supposed to trust to enforce 1701.


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