Better Off Dead

From Better Off Dead:

It is hard to comprehend how the execution of a cruel dictator, personally responsible for the murder of more than one million Iraqis, Iranians, Kurds, and Shi’ites during his 24 years in power, came as such a shock to the high-minded souls of the world, especially those in the EU who called the hanging of Saddam Hussein a “barbaric act.”

A leader who doesn’t blink an eyelid at employing chemical warfare to murder thousands of Kurds and an equal number of Shi’ites, and then buries dozens, if not hundreds, of them in mass graves, who is capable of launching an eight-year war against Iran that ends up killing a million people, is not an ordinary murderer. He is a war criminal who deserves to be put to death. Israel did not hesitate to hang Adolf Eichmann.

The common denominator between the Nazi murderers and Saddam was an obsessive desire to wipe out the Jews. Saddam was a megalomaniac who pledged to burn Israel to a crisp.

He began to build the first nuclear reactor in the Arab world with the express purpose of putting an end to Israel.

He encouraged and financed suicide bombings and terror against Israel’s civilian population, and fired 40 Scud missiles at us.

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