Behold the Face of Islam by Barbara J. Stock

“We will return one day unified as one nation with one army and rest assure that those criminal Jews from the criminal state of Israel will have no sanctuary this time. Even though Islamic laws give them protection, the sons of those who have been killed may not adhere to that protection. The world is a witness to the fact that, it is the Jews that are hastening to full fill that prophecy of Prophet Muhammad (SAW), that the end of time will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them all. Prior to that time anti-Semitism will become a virtue not a stigma! Europe has begun to recognize this as has many patriotic Christian Americans-it is simply a matter of time.” (Excerpt from e-mail received from a Muslim in London, and a writer for Al Jazeerah)

There are over a billion Muslims in the world. Are they all terrorists–of course not. These “moderate Muslims” are the vast majority of Muslims. However, there are many whose hearts are filled with hate. Their minds have been filled with promises of world domination, and paradise is assured for all who kill in Allah’s name. According to Mr. Yamin Zakaria, who is quoted above, the killing of Jews and Christians is not only encouraged, it is demanded by Islamic law. I know of no true God that would demand murder and genocide as the only path to heaven.

Millions of Muslims, who want peace, are willing to accept Israel and do not wish to exterminate millions of humans in Allah’s name also must die. These moderate Muslims have been targeted for death just as the rest of us if they do not accept the terrorist’s interpretation of the Quran.

As clearly stated above by a Muslim, educated in America, living in England, the death of all Jews is carved in stone by Allah. A world dominated by Islam as the supreme power is their destiny. That Islam must be pure. Weak, moderate Muslims are not allowed.

Mr. Zakaria continued: “The US policy makers have stated that the war on “terror will continue for decades. They are incorrect, it will continue for centuries, until true justice is gained. We (Arabs/Muslims) are not like the Japanese, Vietnamese or the Koreans that will simply forget these grotesque crimes. …the relatively humane killing of Nick Berg as compared to those tortured to death in places like Abu Gharib was a reaction not the cause! Similarly, 9/11 was a reaction to the earlier US atrocities in Iraq and by its client state Israel.”

Is the hatred reserved only for the Jews? No. Christians are also on the long list of people to kill.

Mr. Zakaria’s true feelings about those “patriotic American Christians” became apparent in this burst of temper where his ability to spell and use correct grammar seemed to leave him: “THE POPE is a criminal-Killed MILLIONS in Central AMERICA, 70 MILLION-CRIMES aginst HUMANITY! How is the drinking of the blood of the IRAQI children yesterday going. Thats part of your religion isn’t it, drinking the blood and eating the flesh.”

An example of some the emails I received from Mr. Zakaria started with subject lines such as this: ”AMERICAN PIGS and SCUMS Behaving LIKE CATHOLIC FASCISTS” and “US Soldiers – BABY KILLERS – Wanted for GENOCIDE against the WORLD” This from a man who cheered the execution of a pregnant Israeli woman and her four small children as a great victory for Islam. Mr. Zakaria saw nothing wrong with the murder of a two year old toddler, who had three bullets put in her head as she sat crying in her car-seat. After all, she was a Jew.

History has already witnessed and documented irrational hatred of this magnitude. Did the world learn nothing? The parallel between the events of today and pre-World War II are startling.

Radical Muslims believe the Jew is the enemy that must be exterminated. The Jew is the cause of Muslim poverty and suffering of Muslims everywhere. The Jew lives in comfort while Muslims suffer. It is Muslim destiny to be the rulers of the world and be the “Master Race” with all the inferior “races” subjugated under them or exterminated.

Leading up to World War II, countries were overrun by Nazi Germany and the world, for the most part, did nothing but look the other way–hoping foolishly that the nightmare would pass them by. It didn’t. Nor will it pass them by now.

While radical Muslims spit on the name of Hitler, radical Islam has embraced Hitler’s philosophy of the “Final Solution” and all the horror within. Fundamentalists have not only embraced it, they have expanded on it.

Today, nearly every country is on high-alert for attacks from radical Muslims. Normal life has been disrupted in virtually every country in the world. Peace is held hostage by Muslims who hate everything Americans and other freedom loving countries have fought and died for.

Countries where Christians and Muslims had lived in peace for centuries are now under siege. Radical Islam has infiltrated the masses and now goads peace-loving Muslims into attacking and slaughtering their Christian neighbors who refuse to convert to Islam.

Instead of camps with gas chambers, which fundamentalists know the world will not tolerate again–and I was told probably didn’t exist–these terrorists have chosen a different path. Fundamentalists know they cannot defeat the armies of the West so they have chosen infiltration, intimidation, subjugation, and terrorism, to gain victories in their modern-day crusades.

Infiltrate the free societies and become a cancer, destroying their society from within.

Intimidate the poor and uneducated and force them to convert to Islam. Once a majority, radical Islam takes over the government in supposed “legal and free” elections.

Subjugate the masses to their will. Reproduce in large numbers and raise the children to be robot-like in their hatred for anyone non-Muslim. In turn, these children are taught that Allah will only love them if they die killing in his name.

Terrorize everyone and kill sporadically and viciously, keeping the fear of an attack always in the front of people’s mind. Destroy the economy of a country in its attempt to protect itself from attack. A new technological twist is to videotape executions such as beheadings which will be shown with glee on Arab and Muslim television to the horror of civilized people everywhere.

I was told repeatedly that I was just a “foolish American woman” by this Muslim man who contacted me. I was far too ignorant to understand that Islam will rule the world because Allah has said it will be so, he related. The author of these e-mails laughed at my attempts to reason with him. When I took off the gloves and shot back, his fury was expressed in messages full of hatred for Americans, Christians, Jews, and moderate Muslims. Twisted hatred was the only message he had to offer. How dare I point out the evils of radical Islam! Muslims only kill because they have been attacked and those that die, even babies, deserve to die for their crimes against Islam is Mr. Zakaria’s claim.

The entire concept of his argument is based on lies, distortions and misconceptions. He views the world with the tunnel vision of one who has been completely indoctrinated in the branch of Islam that has declared that Islam will dominate the world, women are property, daughters are handed over to be raped to repay debts, pedophilia among men is accepted, the murder of helpless toddlers is justified and he can still, with all the conviction his soul has within it, call Americans perverted and evil.

Just as Hitler and his followers saw no wrong in their actions, neither do these fundamentalists who terrorize the world with suicide bombers, car bombs, the point blank execution of two year olds and televised beheadings. All is justified to attain the ultimate goal–power. God has nothing to with it but I suspect God’s fallen archangel, Lucifer, thrown from heaven because of vanity and Lucifer’s belief that he was God’s equal, has a great deal to do with the irrational death and destruction that has been unleashed around the world.

Which is the true face of Islam — peace, or war — life, or death — freedom, or subjugation? There is a segment of Islam that has a false and evil face. Is it possible that radical Islam follows a false Allah who foolishly believes he is Gods equal?

Barbara J. Stock


NOTE: References for this article available at: Republican and Proud

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