BBC Provides Platform for Palestinian Propaganda

BBC Provides Platform for Palestinian Propaganda

On the November 3, 2000 edition of Newshour, BBC anchorwoman Joanna Buchan hosted Palestinian Dr. Ghada Karmi, associate fellow of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London. Dr. Karmi asserted that the current clashes between Israel and the Palestinians are not at all fueled by Islam, but are instead strictly a secular movement to gain land.

Although such a view is highly controversial, and much evidence exists to contradict it, BBC did not invite a dissenting guest to balance the conversation. Nor did Buchan herself challenge any of Karmi’s allegations or mention facts which suggest the opposite – such as the calls from Muslim Sheiks to wage holy war, or the Muslim attacks and threats against Jewish (not Israeli) targets across the United States as well as in England, France, Australia and Indonesia. Nor was there any reference to persistent statements from Palestinian leaders denying any Jewish religious connection to holy sites such as the Western Wall, the Temple Mount, Joseph’s Tomb and Rachel’s Tomb.

Beyond the factual problem, the segment was also offensive in its disparaging characterization of Jews and Judaism’s ties to Israel.

Click here to read a selection of Karmi’s contentious allegations which Buchan does not challenge.

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