BBC Arabic Service “Boosts Terrorists”

Via The JC: British solicitor Trevor Asserson, who set up a website to monitor the BBC’s coverage of events in the Middle East, released a report on Wednesday claiming that the BBC’s Arabic-language radio programing provided a platform for terrorist organizations who hate Israel. Asserson presented his report, “The BBC Goes Native,” co-written by Deena Pinson, at a conference held by the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. Asserson studied the Arabic radio station’s main news-analysis program, Hadeeth Al-Sa’a, over a four-week period during the 2006 war between Israel and Hizbullah. “We identified 17 spokespeople for Hizbullah and Iran among program guests, and only five for Israel. The airtime given by BBC Arabic radio to the pro-Hizbullah position outweighed that given to the pro-Israel position by a ratio of some 4.5 to one.”