BBC Apologizes to Muslims for Stating Jerusalem as Capital of Israel

It is outrageous to the extreme that the global community would dare to tell a sovereign nation what is – or is not – its capital. What a bunch of pandering cowards the BBC is. The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) issued an apology this week to Muslims for having referred to Jerusalem as being the capital of Israel in one of its broadcasts.

The apology came in response to complaints by four Muslim-British organizations:
Arab Media Watch,
Muslim Public Affairs Committee,
Friends of Al-Aksa and,
the Institute of Islamic Political Thought.

The reference to Jerusalem that drew the complaints occurred on March 24th, when a presenter on BBC’s Football Focus program mentioned that Jerusalem was, in fact, the capital of Israel, as well as her “historic soul.”

The BBC’s Editorial Complaints Unit issued an official response to the complaint, stating, “The reference was a passing one in a context where the focus was on sport, not politics. While recognizing the sensitivity of the issue of the status of Jerusalem, the ECU took the view that the program-makers had taken sufficient action by acknowledging the error and rectifying the website.”

But don’t nod in agreement with the Muslims, folks, Learn your history, not Muslim revisionism. Daniel Pipes, in Exploring the Strength of Ties to Jerusalem, writes:

Historically, the religious standing of Jerusalem for Muslims waxed and waned six times through 14 centuries. British rule over the city in 1917-48 galvanized a passion for Jerusalem that had been absent during the 400 years of Ottoman control. Throughout the Jordanian control of the walled city in 1948-67, Arabs largely ignored it. Jordanian radio broadcast Friday prayers not from Al-Aqsa mosque but from a minor mosque in Amman. The PLO’s founding Covenant, which dates from 1964, contains no mention of Jerusalem.

Muslim interest in the city revived only with the Israeli conquest of Jerusalem in 1967. By 1990, the Islamic focus on Jerusalem reached such a surreal intensity that Palestinian Arabs denied the city’s sacred and historical importance to Jews.

The Camp David summit of July 2000 saw the Israeli government put forward its demands for sovereignty over parts of the Temple Mount. As Dennis Ross, an American diplomat present at the summit, put it, Arafat “never offered any substantive ideas, not once” at the talks. However, “He did offer one new idea, which was that the Temple didn’t exist in Jerusalem, that it was in Nablus.” With this, Jerusalem’s pseudo-history became formal Palestinian Authority policy.

What is actually remarkable is that Muslims know that Jerusalem is holy to Judaism and to Israel. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t have been busy destroying archaeological remains of the Jewish temples, mimicking the destruction of the Buddhist statutes in Bamiyan by the Taliban Islamists in Afghanistan.

See, Muslims destroyed all Jewish synagogues in the old city of Jerusalem and they were desecrated to symbolize the supremacy of Islam over Judaism. But Islam is not better than Judaism. How can Islam be better when it commits crimes against humanity and destroys historical artifacts of other religions and cultures that can never be replaced.

Jerusalem has been the heart of Judaism for three thousand years, in the same way that the Vatican is the heart for Catholics.

See, what IslamoNazis are trying to do is gain territory and they do so through lies and deceptions so that they can control the borders of Israel and then claim they are victims. Muslims are not victims; they are predators.

But Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis reminds us, the Talmud relates that after the destruction of our Holy Temple, Rabbi Akiva and the Sages of Israel were walking on the streets of Jerusalem. As they came to the Temple Mount, they beheld a devastating sight. There, where the Sanctuary had once stood in majesty and splendor, where the Holy of Holies had been, were only ruins, and wild foxes were roaming about.

The Sages broke down and wept.

“Woe is us,” they wailed, “that we have seen this with our own eyes.”

But Rabbi Akiva did not weep. Instead, he smiled.

“How can you smile at such a time?” his colleagues asked, shocked.

“I smile,” Rabbi Akiva answered, “because today I have seen the fulfillment of prophecy, for the same prophet who foretold the destruction also foretold that the Temple shall be rebuilt. The same prophet who prophesied our exile, also prophesied that we shall return to Jerusalem in joy. And so I smile, for now that the first part of our prophecy has come to pass, the second part will surely come to be.”

“Akiva,” the Sages declared, “you have comforted us.”

Folks, be counselled. Be comforted, those of you who love HaShem with all your heart and all your soul. Be comforted.

And to the BBC and to all Muslims and Arabists, you disgust me. I am disgusted by those of you who delegitimize non-Muslims. Who do you think you are trying to dictate to us Jews who we are and where we belong and what our borders are? It is time you learned that we reject you. We reject your views on immigration, culture, religion, ideology, law enforcement, military strategy – and God.

There is no law on earth that requires the Jewish people to accept the revision of their history and the division of Israel borders, nor their own demise merely because Muslims say we should.

As for the shills over at the BBC; you’ve been diapering and bottlefeeding Muslims for so long, you’ve prevented them from growing up. Muslims aren’t exactly chained to their homicide belts and kassam rockets. Stop being so afraid of them. They’re not immortal. Muslims are on the move, they are a dysfunctional body, they are on the move to take over the world. Stand up for something principled, BBC. Take the moral high ground for once.

It is time to clean house. It is time to speak up for the innocent. And this time, the Jewish people are in the right. I know, I know it takes courage. Stop being weak. Stop pandering to Muslims. It will be your pandering that will enable your city and your railways to get hit again.

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