The bastards love death

Kassam rockets fired by Hamas Muslim terrorists slammed into the western Negev in the early morning light of Israel’s Independence Day, in a faint echo of the Arab attacks on the nascent state in 1948.

In a statement issued from Gaza City, the Izz a-Din al-Kassam Brigades, said it had fired up to 30 rockets and 50 mortar shells at Israel. The terror group said the attack was a “reaction to the continued Zionist crimes against our people in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.”

Folks, people like to keep diapering and bottle feeding palestinian Muslims so they never grow up, but the fact is, they’re not exactly chained to their homicide belts and kassam rockets.

It isn’t Israel that prevents palestinians from succeeding. It’s Islam that prevents palestinians from succeeding. And that’s a home grown failure.

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