Banned U.N. Speech: Exposing U.N.’s Anti-Israel Bias Ruled ”Inadmissible”

UN Watch, based in Geneva, is the world’s only organization fighting for accountability from the United Nations and its Human Rights Council.

Gee, we got torture, stoning, persecution, starvation, genocide, murder, prison camps, and child labor oozing out of Muslim enclaves and theocracies. Let me correct that; not just oozing but raging, I should say, out of Muslim kleptocracies and theocracies and ghettoes around the world. Yet the UN Human Rights council spent last year condemning Israel in all its resolutions. From UN Watch:

As a result, the world’s worst regimes escaped condemnation and continue their crimes.

When UN Watch testified before the UN Human Rights Council, they asked them why they only condemn Israel, ignoring 191 other countries and the victims of the world’s worst abusers.

They refused to answer.

Instead they declared the UN Watch’s speech as “inadmissable” and expunged it from the UN’s website.

Click to hear the UN Watch speech that the UN Human Rights Council refused to hear. (Duration: 4 minutes.)