Ayman al-Zawahri, Osama bin Laden’s deputy

Pakistani forces believe they have cornered and perhaps wounded Osama bin Laden’s deputy, Ayman al-Zawahri, in a major battle near the Afghan border, an area where many believe the world’s most wanted terrorist has been hiding, three senior Pakistani officials said Thursday.

Who is this piece of dirt? He comes up with the plans and he calls the shots. He is the man with the plan. If we get him, that will be a HUGE win. No one says that killing this guy is a panacea. There will still be hundreds if not a thousand others who will still want to kill us – but – if we can nail this guy, this is a HUGE blow to the terrorist scum’s morale. We say, to us and to the Pakistanis, GO GET ‘EM.

So, we ask, why are the Pakistanis being so helpful now? Perhaps the Madrid bombings have showed that Al Qaidia is out to destroy all infidels and terrorism is not going to stop – no matter who the target is.

Al Qaida is, was and will continue to be an out of control movement. Pakistan has looked the other way. Americans killed and Israelis killed? No matter. But perhaps now the Pakistanis are getting a little uncomfortable. And it’s about time.

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