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Author Howard Rotberg

Important. Spread the word. Received by email:

I am writing to you in the hopes of you writing a few words of support for Canadian author Howard Rotberg. He was invited to give a lecture at a Canadian book retailer on his book, The Second Catastrophe, when pro-Palestinians supporters showed up and caused a disturbance.

The book retailer cancelled the lecture and later issued a press release accusing the author of racism. Consequently, his books are no longer being carried by Canada’s largest retailer and his good name is being unjustly maligned. Howard Rotberg decided to fight back and his trial is set to start August 27th and 28th.

He is more or less been on his own and left hanging in the wind. He could use all the support he can muster. I have written a blog post for him but I would like to enlist your aid as well. I don’t need a link to my piece, a few words about his case, or even a suggestion to buy his book would go a long way to help. He also has just starting blogging and his blog can be found here.

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