Attention all Arab Jew-haters

You wanted war? Now you got it. May the Almighty HaShem show your leaders no mercy. May the IDF and the IAF defend the Jewish Holyland of Israel and be victorious. May the kidnapped Israeli soldiers be returned alive and healthy to their families. May the hatred in your hearts for the Jewish people be supplanted with grief and may those of you who called the Jewish people “the sons of apes and pigs”, remember this: God must have changed his mind because as I write this, apes and pigs are being hunted down in Gaza, Lebanon and Syria.

In order to truly be a people who can call themselves civilized, “palestinians” must abandon their character as Muslim fascists, and become civilians of the world, and this is true for all Muslims all over the world who are ethno-centric and loyal to their superstitions and sheiks.

Only through beating you back and crushing your desire to kill us, will there be peace.

The Lion of Judah is back up on all fours again. The rest of the world better watch their step.

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