The Atrocities That Pass In Silence

Three days ago, a pregnant Israeli woman and her four young daughters were shot to death at point-blank range by two Palestinian murderers. Each child — ages 11, 9, 7 and 2 — received another bullet to the head, and the mother was shot again directly in the abdomen.

It is useful to remember this incident and compare the DEAD SILENCE it has elicited from those same human-rights organizations, media outlets and American-bashers involved in the feeding frenzy accompanying the Abu Ghraib prison scandal. The disparity of outrage is quite revealing.

The feeding frenzy demonstrates that even those who hate America — and never miss a chance to express that hatred — expect us to adhere to a certain standard of decency. The dead silience demonstrates that no similar expctations apply to societies taht produce baby killers and homicide bombers, or use women and childred as ‘human shields’ in combat.

Why? Because behind that ‘high-mindedness’ of ‘universal’ human rights is a hypocritical prejudice which allows certain cultures more ‘leeway’ when it come to murder and mayhem.

The United States has expressed regret over the Abu Ghraib prison scandal — even as several Palestinian militatnt groups wanted credit for murdering a pregnant women and her four young daughters.

By Arnold Ahlert, NY Post

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