Army Releases Captured War On Terror Documents: Al Qaeda Offers Medical and Vacation Benefits For Terrorists

From Austin Bay Blog:

No, this is not a satire. Follow the links to the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point. The site describes the trove of Al Qaeda documents as being part of:

…the Department of Defense’s Harmony Database, this report provides an analysis of al-Qa’ida’s organizational vulnerabilities. These documents, captured in the course of operations supporting the GWOT, have never before been made available to the academic and policy community.

GWOT= Global War On Terror.
Al Qaeda’s by-laws are fascinating. From the By-Laws document summary:

Al-Qa’ida must be prepared to wage jihad anywhere in the world, and not to be distracted by relief and aid operations. Al-Qa’ida must have no relation to the world of idols and secular and nationalist movements. Relations with non-jihadi Islamic groups should be respectful, but dedicated to pointing out their shortcomings and try to gain their support for jihad.

Lengthy job description is posted for the position of emir, his deputy, and other positions on the council. Of special interest is the position of the Executive Council Chairman who serves as a chief financial officer. His duties include control over bank accounts, expenditures, and budgeting. Salaries are paid according to a fixed schedule.

Policies are described for additional salary based on family size (married man receives 6,500 rupees with 700 rupees for each additional wife.) Provision is made for cost of living adjustments.
The document outlines medical, loan, furniture , vacation, disability, and severance benefits.

The English text in pdf of the By-Laws is a must read.

Here’s Al Qaeda’s statement of purpose (equivalent to a mission statement):

A religious group of the nation of Mohammad (God’s blessing and peace be uponhim) whose faith is the faith of the believers in Sunna (profit teachings) andJama’ah (consensus), are adopting Jihad as a method for change so that the‘Word of God’ becomes supreme, and they (the group) are working to provokeJihad, prepare for it, and exercise it by whatever means possible.The prophet said “There are those of my nation who are victorious and will stayvictorious till the day they face their fate and die” narrated by (Al-Bukhari252/4). And the Prophet also said: “There is still a group of my nation fightingfor justice victorious over their enemy until the last of them fights the Antichrist”narrated by Abu Daud (The book of Jihad, Chapter 4)…

Folks, click here to read the rest of article to find out what an al Qaeda operative makes, his vacation and medical benefits.

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