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Are Iranian fingerprints on the cartoon-rage riots?

The ongoing riots throughout the Middle East and the burnings this past weekend of Danish government offices in Damascus and Beirut in protest of newspaper cartoons depicting the Muslim prophet Muhammad bear the fingerprints of “Iranian and Syrian plotting,” Lebanese leader Walid Jumblatt charged during an exclusive interview.

He warned Syria and Iran might use the cartoon riots as a pretense to attack American and European troops in Iraq.

“It seems the Syrian regime and the Iranians are not allowing us to have independence. I think they are behind these attacks [of Danish offices]. In Lebanon, we are squeezed by this kind of alliance between the Syrian regime and the Iranian regime,” said Jumblatt, speaking from Beirut to WND Jerusalem bureau chief Aaron Klein and ABC Radio’s John Batchelor on Batchelor’s national program for which Klein serves as a co-host. (Listen to an audio file of the Jumblatt interview.)

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