Archaeology links

Links to sites of archaeological institutes in Israel and abroad, Museums, archaeological data bases, libraries etc, via Israel Antiquities Authority:

Archaeological Information Banks

The Biblical and Interpretations


The Internet History Sourcebooks– The Internet History Sourcebooks Project [IHSP] is a world wide web project designed to provide easy access to primary sources and other teaching materials in a non-commercial environmen.The Internet Medieval Sourcebook, and other medieval components of the project, are located at the Fordham University History Department, New York

e Journals

Internet Archaeology– Internet Archaeology has been publishing on the web since 1996 and has been read by thousands of individuals from over 120 countries. Access to Internet Archaeology is only available to subscribers

Archaelogical Projects

The Bethsaida Excavations

Umm el Qanatir

Tel Rehov Project – The Tel Rehov project, a major excavation in northeastern Israel, is offering volunteers an opportunity to participate in this important dig in the 2005 season.

Hippos (Sussia)t – The site, situated on the top of a flat diamond shaped mountain, 350 m. above the Sea of Galilee


Recanati Institute for Maritime Studies – Haifa university

Israel Exploration Society – In 1914 a group of Jewish intellectuals founded the Society for the Reclamation of Antiquities—today the Israel Exploration Society

The Institute of Archaeology, Hebrew University, Jerusalem – The Institute of Archaeology, established at the Hebrew University in 1926, is the oldest university department of archaeology in Israel


Hecht Museum

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