Arafat and the PLO have both got to go

Arafat has gotten away with bloody murder, not only of innocent Israeli men, women, and children, but also of U.S. diplomats, and dozens of other Americans.

When Palestinians and Palestinian terrorist apologists state that Arafat represents the Palestinians, we have to agree. When we think of Arafat, images of battle fatigues and camoflauge come to mind. Yup, Arafat wears a holster while negotiating “peace”.

Thank you, Arafat, for cementing the image of Palestinian Arabs as war mongering, emotionally hysterical, rascist thugs with bombs strapped to their waist sides.

The next time a terrorist apologist whines that Arabs are perceived in the media as killers, heck, I’ll just point them to Arafat’s Reuters publicity photo.

Thanks, guys, for making our work so terrifically easy.

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