Arabs responsible for Ma’ale Adumim attack arrested

Attributed to “security sources” [Provided by the IDF Spokesperson’s Office]Palestinian terrorists who carried out the Ma’ale Adumim attack arrestedIn a joint IDF and ISA operation on October 25th 2006, forces arrested twoPalestinian terrorists who severely wounded an Israeli civilian in a stabbing attack in Ma’ale Adumim on February 18 th 2006. Naif Mahmud Ali Rabaiya, 17, and Nimar Ali Hussein Rabaiya, 18, residents of the village of Abidiya (in the area of Bethlehem), stated in their questioning that their hatred to Israel had driven them to murder an Israeli civilian.In the night of the attack, at around 23:00, the two terrorists infiltrated the Israeli community through the security fence surrounding it. They waited for a chance to attack innocent civilians, and it was when Sergey Karbachuv passed them by with his dog, that they stabbed him a number of times in different parts of his body. After the attack, the two escaped the scene, leaving the stabbed Karbachuv severely wounded.

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