Arabs’ own reports: Fatah and PFLP jointly launch mortars at Israel

It’s all in the wording, folks. The arabs will villify Israel every chance they get via their media, via their propagandist videos, or via their own national charters. Read two reports from the Arab world below, one from Brigades cooperate in mortar launch. And like the Hasmonean Tunnel riots, there is absolutely no danger being imparted against their abominable mosque. Here is a picture of the repair work the arabs are using as an excuse to kill Jews in order to feed their man-god. Notice the Western Wall which is where Jews pray to the Holy One and Only G-d Almighty? The arabs’ mosque is pictured there – but it’s on the other side of the Western Wall. It’s all part of the arab mendacity machine and it’s disgusting:

Gaza – Ma’an – The Al Aqsa Brigades, of the nationalist Fatah movement, and the Abu Ali Mustapha Brigades, of the leftist Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine have announced responsibility for the launching of three mortars at an Israeli military post near the Gaza Strip on Friday. In a joint statement from the brigades, they declared that the launching of the projectiles was in “retaliation for the Israeli aggression and attacks against Palestinians in the occupied territories, especially against the mosque of Al Aqsa.”

And from ‘Yasser Arafat’s Group’ launches 2 homemade projectiles at Sderot :

Gaza – Ma’an – An armed group affiliated to the Fatah movement called ‘Yasser Arafat’s Group’, on Saturday claimed responsibility for launching two homemade projectiles at the Israeli city of Sderot. They issued a statement announcing that the operation is a “natural” retaliation for Israeli violations of the ceasefire through daily pursuit and assassination of resistance fighters. They also said the operation was for the Israelis continuing to assault the Al Aqsa mosque.

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