The Arabs on the Temple Mount Continue Their Illegal Destruction to Eliminate the Jewish Identity of the Site

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement recently discovered that the Arabs on the Temple Mount are continuing to carry out their barbaric and illegal destruction there. The goal of this work is to eliminate the Jewish identity of the Temple Mount and any remains from the First or Second Temples which could be evidence of the existence of the Temple on this most holy site.

One part of the work is to change the original stone flooring that has survived for thousands of years from the time of the Jewish Temple. They are lifting the ancient stones and replacing them with new stones. Friends of the Temple Mount Faithful Movement who go up to the Temple Mount to check on Arab work that takes place discovered this barbaric and illegal work and photographed it.

The Temple Mount Faithful Movement immediately sent urgent letters to the Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, and his government, to the government’s legal advisor and to the head of the Antiquities Authority. When nothing was done by the authorities to have this illegal work stopped we immediately made and urgent petition to the Israeli Supreme Court (2nd March 2004). In the petition we demanded that the Supreme Court require the Israeli authorities to immediately and urgently have this barbaric and illegal work stopped, to return the situation on the Temple Mount to the state before they commenced the work and to bring all the Arabs responsible for this work to court. The petition also asked that the Israeli authorities be required to renew their control and enforcement of what is done by the Arabs on the Temple Mount and to prevent their illegal work and their plundering of the remains of the Temples on the Temple Mount which have survived for so long.

In the petition which we are looking forward to having urgently discussed before the Arabs have completed their work on the Temple Mount we stated, amongst other things:

1 The First Temple, built by King Solomon, and later the Second Temple, built by Ezra and Nehemiah, existed on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. These Temples were the eternal spiritual, cultural, national and social foci of the Jewish People and the heart and soul of the nation. In 70CE the Second Temple was destroyed by the Romans.

2. In 638CE the Arabs occupied the Temple Mount, Jerusalem and the land of Israel as part of their imperialistic occupation. Later they built the Dome of the Rock on the most holy place of the Jewish People on the location of the Temple and Holy of Holies and on the southern part of the Temple Mount they built the El Aqsa mosque. They did this by force and against any godly and human law.

3. In 1967, during the miraculous godly Six Day War, the Temple Mount and Jerusalem were liberated and became part of the renewed sovereignty of the G–d and people of Israel.

4. Because of weakness the management of the Temple Mount was given to the Arabs who were called back to continue their Islamic occupation of the Temple Mount. This weakness allowed them to start their diggings, destruction and work to eliminate the Jewish identity of the Temple Mount, to build new huge mosques in the so-called “Solomon Stables” and the beautiful Hulda Tunnel which was the main entrance to the Temple Mount in Biblical times.

5. The Temple Mount Faithful Movement has made many petitions in the past to stop this work and the Supreme Court ordered the Israeli Authorities to do so in their decisions. However, the control of the Israeli authorities was not imposed because of weakness and fear of Arab reaction. In the last week we discovered that this illegal and barbaric work continues and that the Israeli archaeological authority has no control over what is done on the Temple Mount by the Arabs.

6. We discovered that the barbaric Arab work continues intensively using heavy machinery digging, changing the ancient floor-stones and other illegal destruction the goal of which is to destroy, eliminate, or cover with cement the remains of the Temple and trying to steal the treasures of the Temple.

7. All this barbaric and illegal work is religious and cultural terrorism against the most holy place of Israel and all the world and part of the process of their goal to convert the Jewish Temple Mount into an Islamic site. We presented very clear photographs which showed that this barbaric work is being done all over the Temple Mount including in the most holy area of the First and Second Temples themselves which is now covered by the Islamic Dome of the Rock.

8. The passivity and the closing of the eyes by the Israeli authorities because of their weakness encouraged the Arabs on the Temple Mount to throw stones on Jews praying at the Western Wall last Friday as part of the terror that they are carrying out in Israel. This weakness and surrender to the Arab violence will encourage them to continue this vandalistic digging and destruction on the Temple Mount and to continue their violence even more intensively.

It is a tragedy that the Israeli authorities, under the pressure of all the world and the fear of Arab Islamic reaction, have abandoned the most holy place of the Israeli nation and all the world to Arab Islamic barbaric violence and terror against the most holy remains and treasures from the First and Second Temples. Again The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is conducting an intensive campaign to stop this Islamic Arab violence and to save the Temple Mount and the treasures and remains of the Temple. The Arabs on the Temple Mount have intensified their diggings, destruction and efforts to eliminate the Jewish treasures of the Temple and to convert it to an Islamic site with no respect for G–d’s holy vessels and Temple treasures because they feel that time is short and that this is their last time on the Temple Mount as soon they will be removed from the holy hill of G–d together with their pagan shrines by G–d Himself and they are trying to prevent this. They are fighting against G–d Himself and His end-time plans to purify His holy Temple Mount and to rebuild His eternal Temple. Unfortunately for them they have never learned from their own experience when over the last 56 years they tried to fight against the G–d and people of Israel eight times and were defeated by Him and His faithful Israeli soldiers one time after another. They will lose their battle on the Temple Mount and will be defeated there as well.

Only recently we were witnesses to the falling of walls on the Temple Mount and an earthquake which badly damaged the roof of the Dome of the Rock. Seismologists are predicting another earthquake in the near future the centre of which will be on the Temple Mount and Jerusalem. This earthquake will be much stronger and will severely damage buildings. This and other signs which were prophesied in the Holy Book have appeared in the life of the land and people of Israel and show that time is short and nothing can stop the determination of the G–d and people of Israel to bring about all His prophetic end-time plans for Israel and all the world in the life of this generation. The focus and climax of this is the rebuilding of the Temple and the coming of Mashiach ben David.

The Temple Mount and Land of Israel Faithful Movement is going to serve G–d and His end-time plans even more intensively in the near future and will be at the centre of all these events as G–d expects of us. The Movement will act day and night to immediately stop this terrible barbaric destruction, stealing of Temple remains by the Arabs, the building of terrible new pagan Islamic buildings and the desecration of the holy mountain of G–d. We know that this will not be an easy battle and campaign but we know that we shall win the battle together with our almighty G–d. Nothing can stop the G–d of Israel and His end-time vessel, the Temple Mount Faithful Movement, from the historical campaign to save the holy mountain, to remove the enemies of the G–d and people of Israel and to rebuild the end-time Temple during the life of this generation. Everyone in Israel and all over the world is called on to be a part of these exciting godly events, to stand with the Faithful Movement in its campaign and to help and support it to bring them to pass in our lifetime as G–d expects of us.

Everyone is called on to no longer be passive and silent but to send urgent letters and emails to the Prime Minister of Israel, Ariel Sharon, urging him to protect and save the Temple Mount, the holy remains from the First and Second Temples and the holy Temple treasures from being destroyed by the Arab Islamic barbarians and to immediately stop the destruction of the Jewish identity of the Temple Mount and its conversion into an Islamic site. Call on him to fulfil his task as a Prime Minister of Israel in a time of redemption and to remove the enemies of the G–d and people of Israel which have no respect for the most holy site of G–d, Israel and all the world and to build the Third Temple as G–d expects him to do. Call on him to trust the Almighty G–d of Israel alone and not to fear anyone in the world. The email address is . The regular address is: Ariel Sharon, The Office of the Prime Minister, Kiryat HaMemshalah, Jerusalem, Israel.

In G–d we trust.

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