Arabs Lynch Jews in Ramallah in 2000

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Peace at Any Price?

May the G_d of Israel avenge the deaths
of these brave young defenders of Israel and the Jewish People.

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    On the morning of October 12, 2000, two Israeli reservists, Yesef Avrahami and Vadim Novesche, took a wrong turn on the highway and ended up being stopped by several of Arafat’s Palestinian Authority “policemen.” They were taken to a police station within Ramallah where they began undergoing an interrogation. Soon word got out on the streets that two Israelis were being held for questioning. Suddenly a mob gathered outside the police station. Chants of “Kill the Jews” and “Allah Akbar” rose from the mob and young men rushed through the gate and the second story window. The interrogation ended and the barbaric, cannibalistic mutilations began.

  [Upper Left Photo] Abed al-Aziz Tzalha, 19,  needs to have HIS intestines ripped out. Ramallah itself could stand a good dose of radiation therapy!


    Avrahami and Novesche were beaten, stabbed countless times, their eyes were gourged from their sockets and literally disemboweled and dismembered with the attackers’ bare hands. Then the filthy animals of Ramallah threw one down to the waiting mob down below where his face was further crushed with stones, feet, fists and even a heavy metal window frame. One Jew was set on fire and dragged along the street as the other Moslem psychopaths danced and cheered in a frenzied, hideous ecstasy.


      Some might be led to believe that this monstrous barbarism was merely an expression of “pent-up rage.” That is what the PLO terrorist mouthpieces Hanan Ashwari and her alcoholic ex-boyfriend Peter Jennings of ABC Nazi News would have us all believe!  However, there is something much more sinister working here… and something much less human. What we saw in Ramallah was not the result of an “Israeli occupation.” Nor was it a frustrated people expressing their “legitimate rights to self-determination.” This was the act of a primitive and savage people. This was an act carried out EXACTLY as directed by Islamic clerics and mullahs who in daily tirades from the mosques, instruct those totally incapable of forming original thought to go out and remove the Jews from “Palestine.” So in addition to hitting the police station and TV tower, the Israeli Air Force would have been well-advised to flatten a few mosques!

 Palestinians beating Israeli Soldier    Several years ago another car with several Israeli soldiers was blocked by an  angry Arab mob [left photo]. One of the soldiers, who failed to even fire off a single shot, was dragged onto the street. Here he was beaten with fists and stones. Fortunately for him, there were several photographers on the scene whose very presence may have saved the young man’s life. Also, fortunately for him, Israel had then no Palestinian “peace partners!”The "Disease of Savages" spread from one generation to the next

     With the exception of self-hating, Leftist Peace Now dreamers and others who fail to see that Yesef Avrahami and Vadim Novesche are really quite dead, normal Israelis MUST learn from this that they will never have, nor should they ever expect to have, peace with Neanderthal baboons. Every newborn “Palestinian” child can expect a steady diet of vicious anti-Jewish rhetoric. In this respect, every newborn “Palestinian” child is just another little Yasser Arafat!

 For a video of this Arab-“Palestinian” butchery in Ramallah
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If you wish to offer condolences or to help with a donation in any amount for the family of either Yosef Avrahami or Vadim Norzhich, please contact Avrahami Family or Norzhich Family respectively.

Final Thoughts:   The savages of Ramallah may have taken away the lives of  Yesef Avrahami and Vadim Novesche but not their brave Jewish souls.  We ask that all visitors to this web page take a moment of silence to honor these fine Jewish soldiers and to say a prayer for all the other brave men and women of Israel’s Defense Forces.