Arabs Desecrate Grave of Biblical Joshua

Just when you thought that Muslims couldn’t stoop any lower, what do they do? They go and desecrate the graves of the great Jewish Biblical Joshua, Caleb and Nun (Joshua’s father). Joshua served as the Jewish Nation’s Prime Minister from the year 2488 until 2516 on the Hebrew calendar (1272 BCE – 1300 BCE). Members of the One Shechem organization that organizes visits to the graves arrived in the village of Timnat (Kifl) Haress, near Ariel in Samaria, to prepare for a special prayer gathering, discovered that Muslim barbarians had desecrated the village’s Jewish tombs. The tombs of Yehoshua (Joshua) ben Nun, Nun, and Calev (Caleb) ben Yefuneh were covered with garbage and feces – both human and animal, and anti-Semitic and Nazi slogans and symbols had been painted in the area.

Can you imagine if the abomination referred to as the al-aqsa mosque had been slopped with feces? There’d be no end to the international outrage, because frankly, everyone loves Muslims, because Muslims are scary and threatening and dangerous – and everyone hates the Jew because we are actually winsome, weak, and cowardly.

Nevertheless, Jewish worshippers still gathered at the tombs Tuesday night for special prayers on the tenth of Tevet, the day Kaddish and other prayers are recited for those whose date of death is unknown, such as Calev ben Yefuneh.

The prayers were also to mark the end of the 30-day increased-stricture mourning period for murdered Jewish father Ido Zoldan of Kedumim, by a Muslim police officer.

See, that’s the difference between Jews and the Muslim miscreant. We pray for the dead, while Muslims pray to be dead.

Don’t ever let me hear any one of you say that “we all worship the same god”. Like hell, we do.

Click here for an Arutz-7 Exclusive Photo Essay of a midnight visit to the graves of Joshua, Calev and Nun.


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