Arabs build a 560 mile fence. Where’s the outrage?

Saudi Arabia is building a security fence along the entire length of its 900km (560mile) desert border with Iraq. How come no one is talking about this?

The fence is part of a package to secure the Kingdom’s 6,500km of borders in an attempt to improve internal security and bolster its defences against external threats.

Where’s the outrage?

Folks, do you like the fact that Israel built a fence for its security and the media intentionally used it to villify Israel?

But now, Saudi Arabia, the disintegrating Arab kingdom trying to survive amdist a fierce Muslim Wahhabism culture, from which 15 of the 19 Muslim mass murderers who poured devastation onto the World Trade Center slithered, is building a fence and no one is whining about the “poor Iraqi peepull”.

Doesn’t the hypocrisy make you sick, folks? It makes me sick. I’m sick of the politicians, the global media, and all of Islam’s advocates stuck in their ivory towers who, out of ignorance and bias, can”t wait to contribute to Israel’s destruction when she defends herself but remain silent when a Muslim country defends itself.

Yup, folks, Arabs defending Arabs, is simply political identity folks, in a tribal mileau for this article pretty much puts to rest the anti-Zionist lies about the fence and Israeli apartheid. Now that Saudi Arabia is building a fence to keep out other Arabs, what will all those professional liars do now that Israel’s security fence has new allies?

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