Arabs attack five young Jews in Jaffa, just for being Jewish

A group of five Jews was attacked in Jaffa (Yafo) on Saturday night near an ice cream shop. The five, four women and one man, are all IDF soldiers, but they were not wearing their uniforms or carrying weapons. They stopped for ice cream after a day at the beach, they said, and were set upon by ten Muslim Arab youths with sticks.The Muslim Arabs began hitting the front windshield of their car and attempted to forcibly drag one person from the car. The Jewish victims managed to drive away, but not before their vehicle sustained damage from the attack.Jews in Yafo, which borders southern Tel Aviv, have been complaining of Arab bullying which has resulted in Jewish emigration from the city. Arabs assaulting Jews, threatening them, and spitting upon them are as common placeas Hamas and PLO flags fluttering from Arab windows.Simply because they were Jewish.

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