Arabism equals racism

Isn’t it interesting to witness Arab and pro-Arabs who constantly place Israel under the lens of moral scrutiny in ways that they would never dream of doing to the Jewish State’s surrounding Arab neighbors? As Gerald Honigman points out here, the core of the Arab-Berber, Arab-Kurd, Arab-Black African, Arab-Copt, Arab-Assyrian, Arab-non-Arab Lebanese conflicts, and the Arabs’ Anfal Campaign against the Kurds and their actions in Darfur and the rest of the southern Sudan are just a few of many examples of Arab genocidal actions against all who might disagree.

The truth is arabism equals racism. Why? Well, to be accepted by Arab nations, that is, to be accepted and not literally exterminated, one must consent to the age-old forced subjugation and Arabization of their country. Look at what is happening the world over, now more than ever here in the US, here in Minnesota, here in our schools, here in Britain, and here in Canada. Sharia is becoming more and more of a household word. Did not Dr. Boutros Boutros Ghali instruct that for it to be accepted, Israel, as an entire country, must consent to being Arabized?

I wrote here that the leaders of a new united Arab party in Israel say they believe in Muslim rule and vow to fight what they call ‘Israelization’.

Well, guess what. Palestinianism equals racism. By claiming that Zionism equals racism when Zionism means that Jews should have their own country, means that Arabism and Palestinianism are both racist ideologies. Jews are just as entitled to self-determination, to live freely in their homeland and Zionism is more valid than Palestinianism, much more so, since we have every right to be able to return to our indigenous homeland from which we were evicted thousands of years ago, before Mohammed was even born.

Although it appears to always be an uphill climb for a bit of justice for the Jew of the nations, I’ll never give up on Israel’s legitimacy.

Please join me in the fight to defend Israel, her legitimacy, her sovereignty and her borders.

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