Arabic Educator’s Defense of “Intifada” T-Shirts Leads to Resignation

From Arabic Educator’s Defense of “Intifada” T-Shirts Leads to Resignation:

The Khalil Gibran International Academy in New York is one of the first public schools in the U.S. to focus on Arabic language and culture. Principal Debbie Almontaser – an observant Muslim Arab woman – said her mission was to foster tolerance and understanding. But she resigned Aug. 10 after she failed to immediately condemn the slogan “Intifada NYC” on a T-shirt, though she later condemned it. “She’s certainly not a terrorist,” said Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. But it was “nice of her” to step down, he said. There are more than 60 existing dual-language city schools that teach in languages including Russian, Spanish and Chinese.

Of course there are dual-language schools about, but none of them sell or promote their students to wear T-shirts with slogans suggesting to kill Jews wherever you may find them. Bloomberg, you’ve turned into a putz.