Arab victims of Muslim terrorism

Two of the most recent civilian casualties in the latest Muslim slaughter of Jews were brothers of an Arab family in Nazareth, 7-year-old Mahmoud Talouzi and 3-year-old Rabiya. The family has strong anti-Israel feelings, and even reportedly referred to its sons as holy martyrs in the war against Israel. Hizbullah leader Sheikh Nasrallah apologized to the family, saying they were “martyrs for Palestine,” and offered his sincere condolences. The boys’ funeral was peppered with speeches and slogans similarly declaring the children martyrs in the war against Israel.Ironically, Kadima MK Avigdor Yitzchaki paid a condolence visit to the family last week, later saying, “The Hizbullah rockets prove once again the shared destiny of the Jewish and Arab citizens of Israel.”A third Israeli-Arab casualty, Imad Habib, 48, of the village of Eblin in the western Galilee, was killed on Sunday when a Katyusha hit the carpentry shop in which he worked. His brother said that unlike the two children in Nazareth, Imad is definitely not a “holy martyr.” He was buried in a Christian ceremony Monday afternoon in his hometown.

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