Arab propaganda

In 1937, 1947, 1967 and 2001, the Jews accepted the partition of Israel into two states, but the Arabs consistently rejected a two-state solution. No one remembers those years nor those facts. No one asks why Arabs knocked back the opportunity to have their own state four times because no one is concerned with the real historical details.

Arab propaganda is ripe and bloated with talk about “ending the occupation”, misleading everyone to believe that they mean the 1967 war “occupation” in order to gain support for their struggle, while in the privacy of their homes and living rooms, they tell their people and the suicide killers and their families that the fight is against the 1948 “occupation”. This way, the Arabs get encouragement for their
inhumanity from the world’s support of their “justified” struggle.

I denounce the true intentions of the “palestinians” and their claim of “occupation” because it is just a ruse to murder innocent people one Jew at a time.

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