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Arab Muslim Jew hatred

You want the truth, folks? Do any of you have the guts to really want to know what Arab Muslims think about Jews? Read this, an excerpt from INN:

Israel’s first Muslim Arab Minster of Science, Culture and Sports, Raleb Majadle, refuses to sing Israel’s national anthem, HaTikvah. Majadle, a long-time member of the Labor party defended his decision, saying he does not believe that “enlightened and sane Jews” would request a Muslim to sing a song which speaks to the Jewish people. “The Arabs are not in a mood to sing right now,” the Arab minister in Israel’s government commented.

Each of you out there who believes that Muslim Jew hatred is rooted in the Israeli government’s treatement of potential palestinian homicide bombers at border crossings or is part of the great hoax perpetrated upon the gullible international community – that the “Israeli occupation of palestine” is the root of Muslim Jew hatred – are wrong. Dead, goddamned wrong.

Muslim Jew hatred is part of the culture of Islam. It is part of Arab Muslim identity politics. “All Arabs must stick together”, Muslims say. It is tribal behavior. It is regressive thought. Raleb Majadle represents every single Muslim in the world, and don’t try to convince yourselves that he represents only himself, or only some Muslims in the Middle East, but not Muslims in the US, blah blah blah. That’s bullshit. He represents every Muslim because every Muslim believes – even if its just a little bit – that the only good Jew is a dead Jew.

Raleb Majadle represents what every Arab in the Middle East wants: to deny the goals of Hizbullah and Hamas – which are clearly stated in their charters to destroy the Jewish nation to set the region in flames in order to dictate the Israeli-palestinian agenda.

The fact that Jews in the British Mandate have been attacked by Arabs since the early 1900’s – recall the Hebron massacre of Jews in 1929 as one example – was not because of any territorial dispute – but just because Jews existed.

Maybe Islam is the root of the problem in the Middle East. It’s not the existence of Israel, a sovereign and legitimate nation. It’s Islam.

Currently there are 30 conflicts around the world and 25 of them involve Islam.

If Israel is responsible for Muslim wrath, please tell me what Israel did to encourage Syria to swallow Lebanon, to encourage Saddam Hussein to unleash a bloodbath against Iran, to encourage Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait, to encourage Kuwait to expel hundreds of thousands of palestinians, to encourage the Taliban to destroy the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan, to encourage the slaughter of Christians in the Sudan, to encourage the bombings in Bali that killed 202 people, to encourage church bombings in Pakistan, or to blow up 200 Indians on the railroad system in Bombay.

It is also outrageous that Muslim Jew-bashers posture about palestinian rights as the core of the problem in the Middle East. All that has done is misrepresent history, misrepresent Islam and misrepresent current facts.

The Muslim Jew haters want the world to believe that the entire Middle East war is due to the fact that those evil selfish Jews are unwilling to share their 10,000 square miles with the poor land-starved Arabs. But in reality, the obvious true cause of the Middle East war is the fact that the Arab world is unwilling to allow the Jews to control even a sixth of one percent of the territory of the Middle East.

The Arabs, controlling more land than any other ethnic group on the planet besides the Russians, are simply unwilling to share even the tiniest sliver of the Middle East with the Jews.

But go on, fools, keep writing your stupid Jew-hating commentary on cowardly, useless shill sites like politico.com, where my post under my nom de guerre was deleted because I dared to write about Arab Muslim identity politics.

The facts on the table are that Zionism has just as much legitimacy as palestinianism. You don’t want Zionism? Stop touting palestinianism. Arabs aren’t the only ones entitled to self-determination and anyone who thinks that way has just proven that anti-Zionism thinking is racist thinking.

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