The “Apartheid Wall”

The “security fence” consists of two high-rise metal fences, topped by razor wire and equipped with sensor pads, movement detectors, spotlights, and infrared cameras. It’s patrolled 24 hours a day by the military.

No, we’re not talking about Israel’s security barrier.

The “apartheid wall” described above surrounds Melilla which, together with Ceuta, is a leftover of Spain’s colonial past in northern Africa.

There’s more than a hint of hypocrisy here. While Spain and much of Europe condemn Israel for building a security fence on disputed territory, the Socialist government in Madrid – which talks grandly of an “Alliance of Civilizations” – does exactly the same. Only, unlike in Israel’s case, this wall isn’t there to stop terrorists and save lives. It’s intended to keep out Sub-Saharans looking for a better life.

Spain even gets EU funding for it.

(Wall Street Journal, 26Sep05) – a subscription is required to read the full article.

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