Antisemitism seminar series at Yale University

An extraordinary seminar series.

yale university – institute for social and policy studies
ISPS 2006 – 2007 seminar series


Anti-Judaism, or the controversial term coined in the 1870s by Wilhelm Marr, Antisemitism, is one of the most complex and, at times, perplexing forms of hatred. It spans history, infecting different societies, religious and philosophical movements, and even civilizations. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, some contend that Antisemitism illustrates the limitations of the Enlightenment and modernity itself. Manifestations of Antisemitism emerge in numerous ideological based narratives and the constructed identities of belonging and otherness such as race and ethnicity, nationalisms, and anti-nationalisms.

This seminar series, co-sponsored with the Institute for the Study of Global Antisemitism and Policy, aims to explore this subject matter in a comprehensive, interdisciplinary framework from an array of approaches and perspectives as well as regional contexts. Eminent scholars and researchers are invited to present seminar papers in an informal setting. To enhance the level of discussion, papers will be made available online one week prior to the seminar.

The Antisemitism in Comparative Perspective seminar series normally meets on Thursdays from 4:15-5:45 p.m. at ISPS, 77 Prospect Street, Room A001 unless indicated otherwise.

Organizer: Charles Small, Research Affiliate, Institution for Social and Policy Studies

Contact for information: Pamela Greene, (203) 432-3052

FALL 2006

SEP 28 James Carroll, Fellow at Harvard University and Author; Winner of the National Book Award for An American Requium

OCT 12 Irwin Coltler, Professor of Law, McGill University; Former Minister of Justice of Canada, Member of Canadian Parliament

NOV 2 Roya Hakakian, Fellow at the Yale Whitney Humanities Center and Founding Member of Iran Human Rights Documentation Center; Poet/ Film-maker/Author of the internationally acclaimed Journey From the Land of No: A memoir of a Jewish teenager in post-revolutionary Iran

NOV 9 Milton Shain, Professor and Director, Department of Hebrew and Jewish Studies, Kaplan Centre, University of Cape Town

NOV 30 Matthias Kuntzel, Technical College, Hamburg/Germany and Research Fellow at the Vidal Sasson Institute, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

DEC 7 Guy Raz, NPR, Former Senior Reporter CNN Jerusalem, Cambrige, UK


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