Anti-Semitic Incitement in Syrian Media

No surprise here. Merely more proof that anti-Zionism is racism. From Anti-Semitic Incitement in Syrian Media:

A cartoon featured in the Syrian daily Tishreen on Feb. 14, 2007, showed a stereotypical-looking Jew digging directly under the foundations of the Dome of the Rock Muslim shrine. A Syrian television channel claimed on Feb. 6 that Israel had destroyed several parts of the Temple Mount. A government minister told a Syrian television reporter on Feb. 13, “We shall not allow those [i.e., the Jews] who killed the prophets to also destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”
Anti-Semitic incitement in Syria makes no distinction between criticizing Israel and spreading hatred against the Jewish people using “classic” and Islamic anti-Semitic themes. The Syrian media are under strict government control, meaning that anti-Semitic incitement is published with the regime’s approval and as part of its policy.

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