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Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam

From Anti-Semitic Hate Speech in the Name of Islam:

Farfur, the cartoon character on Hamas’ children’s television program, is a carbon copy of Walt Disney’s Mickey Mouse. But the Hamas version does something that Mickey would never do: He entertains children while propagating the murder of Jews.

Farfur’s appearances are typical of Hamas’ anti-Semitic propaganda, which the organization also exports to Germany via satellite, hoping to breed new generations of fanatical anti-Semites and suicide bombers. According to a 2007 study by the German Interior Ministry on the worldviews of “Muslims in Germany,” “anti-Semitic attitudes were found among young Muslims far more often than among non-Muslim immigrants or domestic non-Muslims.”

Teachers in Berlin are sometimes confronted with Muslim students who refuse to take part in school trips to concentration camp memorials. During one excursion to the German Historical Museum, a group of Muslim youth gathered in front of a replica of a gas chamber in Auschwitz and applauded.

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