Anti-jihad, economic ideas to share

Hugh Fitzgerald, the excellent writer and analyst at JihadWatch writes:

There are three things that amount to the equivalent of December 7, 1941 in this war-without-end in which we are now engaged. This war began earlier, but was not marked by one spectacular attack. The Jihad had fallen over the past two centuries into desuetude only because of Muslim weakness, and has now been revived when three things occurred to make Muslims believe that they could now go for broke and achieve superiority over their permanent, because non-Muslim, enemies.

These three things were:

1) the past, present, and continuing OPEC oil revenues, which since 1973 have amounted to ten trillion dollars.

2) the tens of millions of Muslims permitted by heedless elites everywhere to enter and settle and make themselves at home in Infidel countries, all over the Bilad al-kufr, behind what they are taught to regard as enemy lines.

3) the exploitation by Muslims of Western advances in technology, such as audiocassettes (so useful to Khomeini in 1978-79), videocassettes, satellite television (Al-Jazeera, Al-Manar, and others), and the Internet, on which all those Muslim websites preach the faith, inveigle the Spiritual Searchers, and offer videos of decapitation of Infidels that apparently are such a useful recruiting tool for the cause of Jihad.

In response, a JihadWatch reader asks “Does anyone have any anti-jihad, economic ideas to share?”.

The following are some excellent responses from JihadWatch readers:

Yep, quite a few [ideas]:The website is proposing a campaign to target 401(k) retirement plans, pension plans, and all stock investments generally, to disinvest from companies that do business with terror-supporting states.

The worst of the list include such names as Alcatel, Siemens, and Hyundai:

The public pension plans of many of the states of the U.S. are also invested in such companies, and we should urge our elected representatives to disinvest from those companies:

Another reader has some more ideas:

Hugh’s first point about oil money fueling the renewal of the jihad is very important. To counter this, we can all make our own little spending decisions to promote or oppose those we agree with or disagree with just as the enemy attempts to do with its boycotts.

How about turning the gas down on your hot water heater to the point where it is hot enough for a good shower and not so hot that it can scald you or it wastes energy every minute by heating you tank more than necessary. And turn it lower if you go on vacation.

Another reader suggests:

Another general idea is to challenge the imposition of Sharia Law, for example: Ban the Veil (and all public mask wearing)

Another reader answers:

I have plastic on my insullated windows, I keep my thermostat at 60 night and 65 day, I layer my clothing, I wash my laundry in cold water and I even put foam plug insullators in my outlets. I take warm showers and I try to make all my driving trips at once, avoiding any unnecessary trips. I do NOT buy my gas from Citgo.

Another reader offers this idea:

Islam is the preferred religion at the Canadian Broadcasting Company (to the exclusion of all others). It receives preferential treatment; it’s being constantly promoted. The CBC is owned by the Canadian public — it has a mandate from Parliament (it’s not supposed to be a government propaganda machine). Protest to the owners of pro-Islam American and Canadian television stations.

Another reader writes:

Here is an idea. Write to Frank Wu, the Dean of Wayne State University Law School and tell him not to hire Waddie Said for the WSU faculty.

Here is some background.

Waddie Said is the son of the late fake Palestinian Edward Said. Waddie was part of the defense team for Sami al Arian and is unqualified for a position as a law professor on academic grounds and also as an Islamist supporter and appologist.

Another reader suggests:

A great idea for action is to start a small Anti-Jihad Militia and let your local media know that you’re doing it. Take a few pics. Get on a local new broadcast. That’s just sensational enough that it might get some airplay. Letting the American people see their neighbors in fatigues talking about the imminent threat of jihad ought to wake some people up. There are two Anti-Jihad Militia chapters in operation right now.

Another reader says:

Print out chapter 9 of the Koran and put it where others can pick it up. Not just your “favorite” verses but the whole chapter so it can’t be said that it is “out of context.” If you are going to put it in books at the library don’t just put it in the Koran. Put it in the best sellers, too. Especially the ones that liberals read.

Another reader suggests:

Post a list of all U.S. Senators and Congressmen who have take donations from terrorist apologists or their front groups. And a list companies that have terrorist apologists as principles, major stockholders or who hire an inordinate number of immigrants from terrorist-sponsoring states. Even a list of companies which are majority owned by Saudis or sheiks from the UAE would be very helpful. There is no such list anywhere, and we need it NOW so the public can be informed.

Folks, get on board. In the meantime, read this poll from the BBC that asks the question, How big is the economic contribution of immigrants?

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