The ant farm

Folks, the whole world’s focus will be on the Jews in Gaza, Israel, in approximately two weeks. It will be a morbid curiousity that will picque everyone’s interest, because when almost 10,000 Jews get deported from their homes on August 17, everyone will watch because it will be Jew versus Jew.

Will blood be shed? Will children get killed? Will the IDF turn on the deported Jews, like the Polish and the French turned on their Jewish neighbors during Europe’s Holocaust against the Jews? Those are the things that everyone will be looking and hoping for. That’s human nature. It’s like watching the Indianapolis 500 and wondering if there will be a fiery burning multi-car wreck.

So of course the world is interested.

If you uprooted a group of people from their homes anywhere else it would be a war crime. Research it for yourselves starting with the Geneva Protocols. Uprooting people from their homes is a war crime.

But when it’s Jew versus Jew, it’s just considered fascinating. It will be like an ant farm. All the Jews will be the ants and everyone else looking at them thru the looking glass will be the American left, the Arabs, the Hollywood Jewish left, the Muslims, the fabricated “palestinians”, Condi Rice, and Osama bin Laden and his depraved sycophants.

It’s a shame the world doesn’t focus this much attention on other important issues. If they reported on Darfur and how Muslims are killing off the Sudanese Christians by the thousands, or how Muslims perform female genital mutilations to deprive women of pleasure during lovemaking, or how Muslims perform honor killings because a Muslim’s 7th-century perception of honor is more important to them than the lives of everyone else, perhaps these problems within Islam would be resolved.

And wouldn’t the world be so much better off? You better believe it.

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