Another example of Muslim supremacy

Check out yet another example of Muslim supremacy: A Canadian Muslim has lodged a formal complaint against a police chief who helped organize a trip to Israel to learn about anti-terrorism procedures.

Khaled Mouammar wants a local police board to take action against York Region Police Chief Armand LaBarge for the trip to Israel by 30 Ontario police chiefs in March. Though the chiefs met with both Israeli and Palestinian authorities, Mouammar says the six-day mission will give the officials a negative impression of Arabs and Muslims and increase the likelihood of racial profiling.

He and other members of the Arab community are asking for a public apology, sensitivity training courses and the reimbursement of all public funds spent on the trip. They also have complained that the trip was underwritten by the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism and other organizations. “This has got nothing to do with policy and everything to do with a hateful attempt to demonize Israel,” said the congress’ CEO, Bernie Farber, who noted that a local Palestinian organization called Palestine House has funded Canadian politicians’ visits to the Middle East.

The complaint before the York Region Police Services Board was due to be heard Wednesday.

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