Another Bulldozer Attack by A Muzbot in Jerusalem: 23 Innocents Wounded

For the second time in three weeks, a Muslim Arab commandeered a bulldozer to commit a terrorist attack in Jerusalem to kill innocent Jews even though Israel, the land Jews live on, was bought and paid for legally and with the imprimatur of the United Nations.

Via INN:

The Muslim wounded several people before being shot and killed.

The Muslim began his attempt to murder Jews on King David St. near the Yemin Moshe neighborhood. He took a tractor from a construction site, and began plowing into vehicles along the street, hitting at least three cars – one of which he completely overturned – and a bus. One driver was able to escape from his car even though the tractor plowed it into a bus stop. When the terrorist reached the intersection of Keren HaYesod St., a citizen and Border Guard policeman shot and killed him. The entire incident was over very quickly, eyewitnesses said.

Of the 23 injured, one is reported in moderate condition – apparently with an amputated leg – and the others have light injuries or are suffering from trauma. Among them are a woman and her nine-month-old baby son.

The dead tractor murderer was a Muslim Israeli citizen, living in Um Tuba, a south-eastern Jerusalem Arab neighborhood not far from Sur Baher. His name was publicized over the radio, and minutes later, a gag order prohibiting it from being disseminated was publicized – apparently because of his family connections with a an orange-bearded Hamas legislator who has been jailed for involvement in terrorism.

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