The Anniversary of the Maalot High School Massacre

Folks, today is the 31st anniversary of the Maalot High School massacre. On this date, which Jew-hating Arabs chose because it corresponded with the 26th anniversary of Israel’s independence, Palestinian terrorists broke into the high school in Maalot, a community in northern Israel. The Arab barbarians immediately killed a security guard and some of the children, the remaining children and teachers were held as hostages.

By the end of the day the Palestinian dogs killed 21 Jewish children, and 5 adults. All told, 26 people were killed and 66 wounded (not including the terrorists), including several people murdered by the Palestinian terrorists on their way to the school the night before.

This is “Palestine”, people. This is the Palestine that you and George Bush and Condoleeza Rice want to see flourishing. This is the two-state solution that you liberals want, so that there can be 23 Muslim theocracies surrounding Israel, not just 22. This is “Palestine”, the ebola that preys on Israel, the throbbing mucosa of infection which waits to devour the legitimate and sovereign nation of Israel. And to all of you who can’t wait to see Israel disintegrate, you will get your wish this summer, when 8000 Jewish families are forced to leave Judea and Samaria and Gaza so that Palestinian rats will be able to breed and multiply and spread their disease of hatred in the very homes, gardens, communities, farms, walls and bedrooms of the Jewish people whose government cracked under pressure from Eurabia and the United Nations of America.

This is Palestine, the fruit of the Mohammedan culture, bar none.

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