Animals need your help

Yeah, I love animals, what of it. I love dogs the most and in fact have owned several. You can call me the Jewish Dog Whisperer. Ok, you’re right, I don’t whisper, I yell, so don’t bother. The following is from July 21, 2006, so evaluate accordingly:Animal rescues in Lebanon and India:World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) funds will allow BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treament of Animals) to move dogs to a new, safer locationShelter bombed in LebanonWSPA has released funds to assist an animal shelter that was partially destroyed by a missile during the conflict in Lebanon. The shelter is run by WSPA member society Beirut for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (BETA) and cares for over 200 dogs and cats.WSPA funding will allow BETA (Beirut for the Ethical Treament of Animals) to provide veterinary care and food for the animals and temporarily re-home dogs left without shelter because of the missile strike. WSPA will also continue to support BETA and other member societies working to help animals in Lebanon.Click here to read more about WSPA’s work for animals in LebanonFlooding in India affects animalsWSPA has also provided funding to help animal victims of the recent floods in the east India state of Orissa. Over 20,000 animals were left stranded or in need of veterinary care and food after unexpected heavy rains and landslides led to flash flooding throughout the region.WSPA is supporting its member society the Visakha Society for the Prevention of Cruelty Animals (VSPCA), who has already aided thousands of animals. More funding is needed to reach the animals who are still in need of assistance.Click here to read more about WSPA helping animals in IndiaClick here to support WSPA’s disaster relief work for animals

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