Angry at HaShem: My Chutzpah

by Emanuel A. Winston:

After I watched Prime Minister Ariel (Arik) Sharon’s plans to deport Jews in order to make way for the Arab Muslim Palestinians in Gaza, I became furious with HaShem (G-d).

For a long time in anticipation of this catastrophe, I and others I know who respected the Land HaShem had gifted eternally to the Jewish people over 3300 years ago, prayed for a miracle. Perhaps we didn’t deserve a miracle, but that was our prayer.

I offered my string of suggested miracles, as follows:

*Raise a cloud of fire to impede Sharon’s soldiers as You did to keep Pharaoh’s army from attacking the Jews leaving Egypt.

*Open up the ground, as You did with Korach to swallow up Sharon, Weisglass, Peres, Beilin, Mofaz, Mazuz….

*Create a small earthquake that would encircle and swallow the Arab Muslim Crescent nations, including Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Saudi Arabia – among others who have been so hateful to the Jewish people.

*Shake the Temple Mount so that the pagan trash of the Dome of the Rock and the Al Aksa Mosque would fall into the pit of Solomon’s Stables which have been dug into by the Arab Wakf with scarcely a word of objection from the remotely Jewish Sharon.

*I reminded HaShem of what the Jew killing nations of Europe had done to His people and their present support of the Arab Muslim Terrorists.

*I suggested some earthquakes, a few plagues of Biblical proportions. That may, indeed, be on its way as HIV/Aids takes its toll and series of things like Avian Bird Flu – which jumps to humans is brewing in Asia and Russia with the WHO (World Health Organization) frantically scrambling to find a flu vaccine before the expected pandemic fully matures.

I hoped that America would be spared the catastrophes of drought, famines, wild-fires, super storms that seemed unlikely until the Bush Family continued to bond with the Saudis while forcing Israel to abandon her Land and weaken her defenses and defense industries. But, I fear that America will (is) suffering as is Europe.

I was angry with HaShem for not showing himself in some spectacular miracle which would impress our enemies and bring our Jews back to their senses

Regrettably, that was not to happen.

Only a remnant of the Jews understood what the loss would be. I observed those who call themselves Leftists thrill to the savagery visited upon the pioneering settlers. While the Arab Muslims danced in the streets for the victory handed them by Sharon-Peres, the Leftist Jews danced on what was Left of their souls.

So now, they too must pay a heavy price – much the same as the Erev Rav who danced in front of the Golden Calf and were subsequently killed by HaShem.

The Arab Muslims promise that the Katyusha and Kassem Rockets will begin to fall in Tel Aviv, Haifa and other cities with the homes of Jews who do not care about those Jews who have been deported from their homes. Then, be assured that those Jews will suddenly find HaShem but, it will be too late. They hated and cursed the Jews who
observed the Torah laws. They pejoratively called them “settlers” and now they must pay a price.

So, I cooled down. I went back to shul (synagogue) and made my peace with HaShem. Clearly, he did not force many Jews to believe that giving up their G-d given Land would bring that word “Peace” from a dedicated, irredentist enemy.

If the Arab Muslims want and honor the Land more than the Jews then, they shall have it.

As for the remnant who honor this gift of the Land, hopefully they will be shielded from what I suspect is coming.

As for our enemies who delight in killing us, I remind HaShem that drought, famine, disease, floods, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis – are some of the tools available to Him – some of which are already in motion.

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