Anger and rage is the essence of the political group

The libtards at are getting their panties in a bunch again. Now they’re going after Giuliani because he righteously went after the detestable Hillary Clinton for assailing Iraq war commander Gen. David Petraeus’ character. Then again, why should anyone be suprised at what anarchists and tatoo-ed slackers do, anyway?

George Soros funded that created the ad which directly compared George W. Bush to Hitler and the U.S.’s policies with the Third Reich. George Soros loves to fund leftwing causes and groups. He supported the now convicted lawyer, Lynn Stewart, who aided Muslim terrorists. He also created the Open Society Policy Center, an organization that would obstruct U.S. law enforcement from prosecuting the “War on Extremism” and that would also direct illegal aliens into America’s medical systems.

Somebody needs to give these leftwing rats some muzzles, but we live in America, and we can’t muzzle the Hate-America crowd, although it would certainly be an event that I would enjoy witnessing, so we will always have to deal with the fundamentally diseased Democrat party. But there’s a reason that the Democrat party, now almost completely composed of libtards, nihilists, feminists, and plenty of stupid Jews who keep forgetting that Roosevelt turned back hundreds of Jews escaping from the Holocaust to their certain death, is often referred to as the party of victims: angry feminists, angry blacks, and angry homosexuals are their coalition., like the Democrat party, is comprised of socialists, anarchists, nihilists, and sycophants who would never let the facts get in the way of an opportunity to bash Republicans or conservative thinkers. Thank God, for the rest of us, adults are still in charge of this country. Here’s hoping that the little pukes at will follow the lead, remove their nose rings and grow up one day.

Most of us don’t reflexively blame our country for all that is wrong in the world, like the little brats at do. How those lowlifes have been able to fly under the radar of behavior that years ago would have riled Americans, is mystifying. The only thing that reassures me about misanthropes like George Soros and the community, is my belief in that what goes around comes around. It’s just a matter of time before will implode, or that George Soros will also.

In the meantime, I’ll still be voting for Rudolph Giuliani, the man whom I personally witnessed clean up New York City of the slime trail left behind by the Democrat mayor, David Dinkins, and who valiantly led with strength and leadership this city in, through, and beyond the Muslim terror attacks of 9-11-01.

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