And we allow them to remain in the land

“And we allow them to remain in the land! And we allow them to lift up the head! And we allow them to raise the hand against a Jew and his G-D! And we do not remove the head and remove the hand and remove the abomination from the land!

Is there a greater desecration than this? And so the jackals continue to walk on the Temple Mount, the Mountain of G-D where it was decreed, “and the stranger who shall come near shall die”. And we, in fear of the jackals and their protectors, allow the desecration — not only barring Jews, but creating from the mountain on which stood the Temple and the Divine Presence, a place of Moslem arrogance and triumph of Allah, G-D forbid, over the G-D of Israel”

…Rabbi Meir Kahane, HY’D (1932-1990)

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